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Bildergeschichten (Level 1) Vol. 2 Arabisch/Deutsch 5/6 – Deutsch/DaF-DaZ

In unserem Arbeitsheft Bildergeschichten (Level 1) Vol. 2 – Arabisch/Deutsch 5/6 – Deutsch/DaF-DaZ finden Sie interaktive und didaktisch aufbereitete Aufgaben.

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Kamishibai Vol. 4

The medium offers H5P tasks that can be used without additional software. The medium contains texts and interactive tasks on the subject of picture stories.

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Picture Stories (Level 1) Vol.3

In our workbook Mathematics, 6th grade, Vol. 1 you will find 50 interactive and didactically prepared tasks.

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Schiller’s The Robbers

“The Robbers“ by Friedrich Schiller begins with a wicked intrigue. It revolves around two brothers; Karl Moor and Franz Moor, sons of the reigning Count von Moor, who hate each other. The rivalry between the two brothers is great. On the one hand, there is Karl, the intelligent, freedom-loving robber, and on the other, Franz, suffering from withdrawal of love, scheming and coldly calculating.

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Pre-March Era

After Napoleon's final defeat at Waterloo in 1815, Europe was reorganised at the Congress of Vienna.The civil rights achieved in the French Revolution, which spread throughout Europe, were taken back. The growing resistance to this culminated in the March Revolutions of 1848 in various European countries. The film traces the epoch of Vormärz in Germany and shows in particular how the political present of the time was reflected in literature.

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Heinrich von Kleist

Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811) left posterity a work that is often inaccessible to easy access. Even the epoch assignment is not easy for him, who began publishing in the Weimar Classical period and committed suicide in the Romantic era. His work was far ahead of its time, it was outside of its time.

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Literature of Romanticism

At first glance, the text appears very simple. It reminds us of a folk song. The first stanza tells of Heaven and Earth uniting – often interpreted as a bridal kiss. But then irritation already sets in. It says: “It was“– so it is past, distant. Only an echo remains, a reflection.

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Goethe‘s Faust I

Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is still considered the most important work of German literature today. Even after 200 years, its still very lively reception bears witness to that fact. 

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Expressionism in Literature

The term Expressionism is made up of the two words “ex“ and “premere“, the Latin word for “ to press”.

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The Munich Kammerspiele, commissioned by the Riemerschmid family as a new theatre in the city of Munich in 1899.

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Nathan the Wise

Nathan the Wise by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing is considered one of the most important dramas of German literary history still today, 235 years after its premiere in Berlin on April 17, 1783. The notion of tolerance of the Age of Enlightenment concerning the various religions in their relationships to each other actually is what makes the play topical still today.

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Literature after 1945

The Second World War, triggered by the National Socialists, began with the German invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939. Six years later, half the world was lying in ruins, 60 to 70 million people had lost their lives on the battle fields in Europe, Africa and Asia. Entire landscapes had become uninhabitable.

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