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Capitalism is a global economic and social order, in which the means of production such as, for instance, buildings, farmland or technical facilities are in private ownership, and the control of economic activities is effected by the market.

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Economic Cycles

»Growth is not everything, that is true. But without growth, everything is nothing.  Without growth, no jobs; without growth, no reform of the social security systems; without growth, declining wealth; without growth, more and more people will fall by the wayside.«

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Ms. Köller is a director at a small carpentry, which she has inherited from her parents. As the boss of her firm Ms. Köller also takes care of the accounting.  

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Financial Investment I

Money, money, money.

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Monetary System

For many hundreds of years, means of payment have been used for the exchange of goods. Initially, shells, silver or gold were offered as payment. Today money still fulfils the same purpose, but its form and complexity have changed profoundly.

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Chinese State Capitalism

The economy of a state can be organised along different lines.

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The European Central Bank (ECB)

Central banks, which are also referred to as banks of issue, have a controlling function in the monetary economy. They are responsible for stabilising price levels. This means that they are supposed to ensure that the goods we purchase will have a roughly similar price in the future. This control is exercised via the amount of money the central bank gives to commercial banks. Thus, central banks are banks for banks.

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World Trade

Many of the goods we use every day come from foreign countries and have to be imported into Germany. Without a functioning world trade our range of products would be very limited. Often goods are transported over long distances from A to B before we can use them.

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Demography is the science that examines the structure and dynamics of population. Demographic change describes the dynamics of population size and structure. Tools of the trade for demographers are statistics.

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MedienLB has been producing award-winning school films and interactive modules for the classroom since 2006.

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High-tech Locations

The satellite dishes of the first terrestrial communications site on German ground in Raisting near the Ammersee have been a symbol of high-tech in Bavaria for decades.

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Buchführung, Güterverkehr, Welthandel

In unserem Arbeitsheft Wirtschaft 10-12, Vol. 1 – Buchführung, Güterverkehr, Welthandel finden Sie 50 interaktive und didaktisch aufbereitete Aufgaben.

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Grundlagen und Kontenarten

In unserem Arbeitsheft Industrielles Rechnungswesen, Vol. 1 finden Sie 50 interaktive und didaktisch aufbereitete Aufgaben.

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