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141 results

Lerneinheit Mathematik 3/4

In 10 interaktiven Aufgaben beschäftigen sich die Lernenden mit Aufgabenstellungen bezüglich der Hundertertafel.

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Mathematics learning unit 1/2

In our interactive learning unit "Mathematics 1/2 - Calculating up to 10" you will find 10 interactive and didactically prepared tasks on basic arithmetic operations in the number range up to 10.

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Lerneinheit Chemie 8 – Kalk

In unserem Arbeitsheft „Lerneinheit Chemie 8 – Kalk“ finden Sie 10 interaktive und didaktisch aufbereitete Aufgaben zum Thema Kalk.

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Ob im Weltraum, auf dem Bauernhof oder im Märchenland … wo auch immer sie hinkommen, werden Lisa, Tim und Mia vor Aufgaben zu den Grundrechenarten gestellt.

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Textaufgaben, Fachbegriffe, Grundrechenarten

In 10 unterschiedlichen Aufgaben mit Unteraufgaben werden die Schüler:innen dazu angehalten, Lösungen mittels der Grundrechenarten zu errechnen.

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Units of Length

The DVD starts with a look back into the past. How did peop- le measure in former times? What historical units of measure- ment were there? What is the standard metre? Since when has there been a system of units? Subsequently, the units of measurement – metre (m), centimetre (cm), milllimetre (mm), decimetre (dm) and kilo- metre (km) – are examined more closely. In a third chapter, an overview of the conversions is presented and their systematics explained. Decimal points and the prefixes are clearly illustrated. Then the DVD offers a digression visiting other countries and their length units. America and Great Britain, with inches, feet, yards and miles, play a central role. In the fifth chapter, calculations using scales are presented. Here the focus is laid on scales in maps, but also scaling down and up are dealt with. In the last chapter, circumferences of rectangles and squares are measured and calculated with various examples.

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All Is Number

“All is number“, this saying already applied in the 5th century B.C. when the brotherhood of the “Pythagoreans“ was founded. Natural, rational and irrational numbers have been an important concept since the creation of the Bible, throughout antiquity up to our modern times. The Fibonacci Numbers, for example, have not only found their use as a numerical pattern in mathematics, they have also been immortalised in art and painting. In this film different and amusing approaches to mathematical methods and processes are illustrated with vivid images, which facilitate pupils’ understanding. In many things that we handle every day fascinating numerical proportions are hidden. Squaring the rectangle and the circle play an important role thereby. Since Greek antiquity the Golden Ratio has been considered to be the epitome of aesthetics and harmony. Together with the extensive accompanying material the DVD is ideally suited for use in the classroom.

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Terme & Gleichungen

Das Medium bietet H5P-Aufgaben an, die ohne zusätzliche Software verwendbar sind. Das Medium enthält interaktive Videos und 50 H5P-Aufgaben zum Thema Terme & Gleichungen. 

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7/8, Vol. 1

In unserem Arbeitsheft Mathematik, 7/8, Vol. 1 finden Sie 50 interaktive und didaktisch aufbereitete Aufgaben.

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MedienLB has been producing award-winning school films and interactive modules for the classroom since 2006.

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6. Jahrgangsstufe, Vol. 1

In unserem Arbeitsheft Mathematik, 6. Jahrgangsstufe, Vol. 1 finden Sie 50 interaktive und didaktisch aufbereitete Aufgaben.

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1.-4. Jahrgangsstufe, Vol. 1

In unserem Arbeitsheft Grundschule Mathematik 1.-4. Jahrgangsstufe, Vol. 1 finden Sie 50 interaktive und didaktisch aufbereitete Aufgaben.

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5./6. Jahrgangsstufe, Vol. 1

In unserem Arbeitsheft Mathematik 5./6. Jahrgangsstufe, Vol. 1 finden Sie 50 interaktive und didaktisch aufbereitete Aufgaben.

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