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Vocational Education
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Save a Life

Operations are performed under anaesthesia. There are different kinds of procedures, ranging from general anaesthesia to regional or local anaesthesia.

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Food is the basis of human life. Its diversity and quality are decisive for our health and well-being, thus also providing the basis for a good quality of life. It is a positive challenge to take on that kind of responsibility by choosing a career in this sector. A butcher’s job is such a challenge, not only with respect to the handling of the food itself but also with respect to the contact with customers. Butchers don’t just sell their products but also give advice to their customers and, in addition, the contact to business partners and public authorities is of considerable importance. Hence, this job is extremely versatile and never boring. Some on-the-job training in an internship provides the opportunity to get to know this profession better and to find out whether you are suitable for the job and whether you feel comfortable with your choice. It is important that a job opens up good career prospects for young people, thus building a bridge to an economically secure future.

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Today regular appointments with the hairdresser are a matter of course for our individual styling. The aim is no longer to simply cut the hair so that it looks well-groomed but the hairdo is an expression of personality and thus intended to contribute to the overall look of a person. A good hairdresser knows about trends and lifestyle and what’s fashionable, and is able to give competent advice on how to complement the customers’ style. The job of a hairdresser is a positive challenge for everyone interested in fashion, lifestyle and creative work with other people. Apart from the technical knowledge and practical workmanship, primarily giving advice to customers as well as an understanding of the customers’ needs are key qualifications for this crisis-proof job. A traineeship is a possibility of getting familiar with a hairdresser’s work environment. An important aspect is that this career choice offers good prospects for young people on the job market, thus building a bridge to an economically secure future.

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MedienLB has been producing award-winning school films and interactive modules for the classroom since 2006.

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Freight-forwarding and Logistics Service Clerk

The job of a freight-forwarding and logistics service clerk is all about the transport of goods: the storage, selling and shipping of goods must run smoothly – on a national as well as on an international level. This mainly includes planning, controlling and supervisory tasks but also communication with customers and business partners. Planning is the be-all and end-all of the freight-forwarding and logistics trade. Communication with carriers (airlines, shipping or railway companies) is required, suitable routes and means of transport must be chosen, schedules must be determined and finally, the processes must be supervised. In addition, the clerks carry out price calculations, determine costs and revenues, observe offers on the market and take care of technicalities such as insurance cover and customs issues. A good command of foreign languages is therefore essential in this job. And flexibility, too! If problems occur, the clerks need to react quickly and effectively.

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Textile Production Mechanic

Setting, operating, monitoring, maintaining, servicing and repairing production machines – all these are tasks of a textile production mechanic. Only if the production equipment functions flawlessly and the work processes run smoothly and efficiently, textiles of all kinds and of the highest quality can be produced. Textile production mechanics undergo a broad vocational training. This enables them to work in all branches of the textile industry: in weaving mills, spinning mills, knitting mills, warp knitting mills or elsewhere in the textile industry. Qualifications required for this job are GCSEs or a university entrance qualification. Furthermore, soft skills such as a sense of responsibility, diligence, accuracy and reliability are expedient. The job of a textile production mechanic is a positive challenge for all those interested in engineering and manufacturing as well as in textile fabrics and patterns.

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Digital Media Designer

Media design refers to the creative practice that is the artistic use of the new media. Media design is the process of aesthetic shaping, during which the media can be both tool and material.

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