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Primary School
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Lerneinheit Mathematik 3/4

In 10 interaktiven Aufgaben beschäftigen sich die Lernenden mit Aufgabenstellungen bezüglich der Hundertertafel.

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Mathematics learning unit 1/2

In our interactive learning unit "Mathematics 1/2 - Calculating up to 10" you will find 10 interactive and didactically prepared tasks on basic arithmetic operations in the number range up to 10.

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Learning unit subject 4

In our interactive learning unit "Sachunterricht 4 - Blackbird" you will find 10 interactive and didactically prepared tasks on the subject of blackbirds.

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Saint Martin

Every year on November 11, Saint Martin’s Day is celebrated. This church festival is also referred to as Saint Martin’s Feast.

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We spend a large part of our lives telling stories. Stories we read, listen to, watch – or tell others ourselves.

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The word bean refers to both the seeds and the pods surrounding them and often even the whole bean plant. It is not easy to get an overview of the different types of bean plants. Their variety is due to, among other things, their different origins.

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Typical Boy, Typical Girl

QUOTE girl:

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All things have weight. Some things are heavy. Others are light.

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The blackbird is one of our most common and best-known songbirds. The nice thing about the blackbird is that it cannot be confused with many other bird species.

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MedienLB has been producing award-winning school films and interactive modules for the classroom since 2006.

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Common European Adder

The common (European) adder is extremely wide-spread across the globe.

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Hamsters are small rodents that have four sharp incisors. They are related to mice.

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Hare and Rabbit

How do we distinguish between a hare and a rabbit? At first sight, both look confusingly alike for both have long ears and a stumpy tail.

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