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Features and Behaviour

The blackbird is one of our most common and best-known songbirds. The nice thing about the blackbird is that it cannot be confused with many other bird species. The common blackbird belongs to the thrush family. The adult male blackbird has glossy, deep black plumage. The bill and eye-ring of the male are coloured intensely yellow to orange. The eyes themselves are dark brown. The female blackbird can be easily distinguished from the male. Its plumage is brown or sooty brown, the breast is lighter and mottled. Under the bill, a light throat patch can be seen. The bill is not as intensely yellow as that of the male and at its base and tip there are dark, brown patches. At times, all-white or white spotted specimens are found among blackbirds. This female, too, has clearly visible white spots. The white feathers are a whim of nature. When you see blackbird males and females together, you notice that they are roughly equal in size. A blackbird weighs about 100 grammes, that is about as much as an ordinary bar of chocolate.

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Daumen Auszeichnung
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Daumen Auszeichnung