Meet the MedienLB team!

Sustainable learning is learning of the future!

Since 2006, MedienLB has been producing high-quality, curriculum-oriented teaching films for all subjects and for all grades from elementary to high school.

The MedienLB team, which includes teachers, social educators, sales staff, editors, system administrators, image designers, video editors, students, trainees, a dog and lots of team spirit, sees is committed to the idea of ​​sustainability.

Sustainable use of natural resources is just as important to us as sustainable learning. To achieve this, we produce exciting teaching films, stimulating collections of tasks and innovative interactive products week after week. And we’ll never run out of ideas, we promise!

Medienlb Illustration
MedienLB Team Foto Illustration von einem Regalbrett mit Pokalen

Our guidelines

What we are convinced of

Our guidelines:

  • Experiencing is the most natural form of learning
  • The teaching films allow you to experience places and processes that would otherwise not be accessible
  • Teaching films are work material; they never replace the teacher
  • Teaching films optimally support teachers in teaching and preparation
  • Film, interactive media and working material are subordinate to learning objectives
  • All MedienLB material is tailored to the German curricula
  • Sustainable learning creates knowledge for a lifetime
  • Interactivity is the prerequisite for sustainable learning


The Team

Portrait picture of Dr. Anita StanglPortrait picture of Dr. Anita Stangl

Dr. Anita Stangl


Portrait picture of Michael StanglPortrait picture of Michael Stangl

Michael Stangl


Portrait picture of Tanja LangguthPortrait picture of Tanja Langguth

Tanja Langguth


Portrait picture of Gottfried ReinspergerPortrait picture of Gottfried Reinsperger

Gottfried Reinsperger


Portrait picture of Gerald SchmidtPortrait picture of Gerald Schmidt

Gerald Schmidt

Portrait picture of Bernd BrockhausPortrait picture of Bernd Brockhaus

Bernd Brockhaus

Portrait picture of Axel SchrammPortrait picture of Axel Schramm

Axel Schramm

Head of Production

Portrait picture of Akylas StefanidisPortrait picture of Akylas Stefanidis

Akylas Stefanidis

Portrait picture of Raimati MärklPortrait picture of Raimati Märkl

Raimati Märkl

Portrait picture of Jacob SchelbertPortrait picture of Jacob Schelbert

Jacob Schelbert

Portrait picture of Daniel SchneiderPortrait picture of Daniel Schneider

Daniel Schneider

Portrait picture of Johannes SchmiedPortrait picture of Johannes Schmied

Johannes Schmied


Portrait picture of Marie WimmerPortrait picture of Marie Wimmer

Marie Wimmer

Portrait picture of Andrea RöhrPortrait picture of Andrea Röhr

Andrea Röhr


Portrait picture of Gerda BertholdPortrait picture of Gerda Berthold

Gerda Berthold

Portrait picture of Sebastian QuintelPortrait picture of Sebastian Quintel

Sebastian Quintel

Portrait picture of Pia DallmeierPortrait picture of Pia Dallmeier

Pia Dallmeier

Portrait picture of Dr. Edmund BrunsPortrait picture of Dr. Edmund Bruns

Dr. Edmund Bruns

Portrait picture of Annika PlankPortrait picture of Annika Plank

Annika Plank