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MedienLB has been producing award-winning school films and interactive modules for the classroom since 2006.

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MedienLB - Coffe Cup

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Skiing is a great Sports, which already the smallest children learn today, and which is not only fun but provides the winter Sports enthusiasts with fantastic views, crisp winter air and cosy hours in mountain huts. Around 1860 skiing is said to have begun in Norway, and the Sports was spread at once and adopted in almost all areas where winter Sports could be practised.

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Football is fun and fascinates people all over the world. Whether professionals or amateurs, male or female, players fight for each ball and for victory. Football is played internationally in accordance with uniform rules. These are clearly explained in the film. What do the markings on the pitch mean? When is there a goal kick, when a free kick, a penalty kick, a throw-in etc.? We see the referees at work and learn about the meanings of their signals.

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Active Classroom

Movement is healthy! It furthers activation or relaxation, strengthens the muscles and improves coordination. Often a few minutes are enough when during lessons you have short breaks for action units in the classroom. Sabrina Schamberger and Sherin Watzlawzyk-Sutter demonstrate with their classes how, apart from the acquisition of knowledge, also various groups of muscles can be trained during lessons. Activating movement games stimulate the circulatory system and offer relaxation from concentrating and sitting still. Rock music does not only help during short games, it also sets the rhythm for dances of various degrees of difficulty.

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