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Musical Instruments III

Orff Instruments

Who does not know them - the Orff Instruments? Already at the age of a toddler, you come in contact with them. Rattles and other noisy toys are to be found in almost every nursery and also the glockenspiel is an instrument found frequently there. But where do these Orff instruments come from? And what has given them their names? Carl Orff, the Munich-born musical teacher and composer, greatly influenced the national and international music world with his works. The Orff instruments were named after him and music pedagogy is no longer imaginable without them. But who was Carl Orff? The first part of the film shows Carl Orff's life from childhood until death. Subsequently, Carl Orff's works are covered, with a focus on "Carmina Burana“. The last part provides us with a detailed overview of the Orff instruments. The qualities of the instruments and their sounds are shown as well as the ways they are played. Together with the comprehensive and innovative accompanying material, the film is highly suitable for classroom use.

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