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What Is Jazz?

History and Music Genres

Lucia Martinez: “Jazz is spontaneity, technique and listening.” Lorenzo Panico: “Sax, live instruments and great people!” Bill Evans: “Innovation, creativity, future.” Boy: “Beautiful music, and above all, music that is pretty much based on improvisation ...” Teacher: “Spontaneously I must say Nazis – I’m sorry – because it was forbidden back then, Afro-Americans … and mathematics teachers.” Helmut Bruger: “Jazz is music, a language ... and fun!” Man: “... the attempt to play music out of the moment. This encompasses improvisation, and also reacting to the audience, to the atmosphere. Technically, you should mainly play without notes. Of course, all musicians have their schemes in their heads or maybe even before their eyes but on principle, it is making music on the spur of the moment. Also, to some extent, for me the jazz language is also part of jazz, of course. This goes somewhat into a theoretical direction. This means certain chords play a part and I think that swing, for example, has a strong influence on jazz. And swing is articulated and played in a different way than, for instance classical music.”

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