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The Common Buzzard

Characteristics and Behaviour

The common buzzard is a well-known native bird of prey. You can often see it flying above fields or sitting by the roadside. But what are the typical characteristics and behaviour patterns of the common buzzard? The film covers the biological classification of the common buzzard, its characteristics and behaviour. The origin of its name is explained just as the classic characteristics, by means of which the common buzzard can be identified. We can see the common buzzard in its natural habitat, learn something about its hunting methods and its prey. Spectacular pictures show carrion crows and magpies, which “mob” the common buzzard as a direct rival for food. The hunter becomes the hunted. The reproduction of the common buzzard is covered, too. We observe the buzzard couple during nest-building and breeding. We accompany the chicks when they train their flight muscles and make their first attempts at flying. Together with the comprehensive accompanying material, this medium is perfectly suitable to get to know and appreciate our native common buzzard!

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Daumen Auszeichnung
Daumen Auszeichnung