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Seal of approval

Meaning, statement, reliability

Quality seals such as the "Bio-Siegel", "Blauer Engel", "Stiftung Warentest" and up to 1,000 other seals represent characteristics such as sustainability, health or safety with regard to a product, a service or even a company. The film "Gütesiegel" (Seal of Approval) provides an insight into the origins of the seals of approval and their former value. The film also explains how customers can question in their everyday lives whether the promises made by seals on products stand up to reality, what forms of consumer protection exist, and sensitizes students to the reliability of seals of quality. Learning objectives: 1. students will learn about different labels and their meaning. 2. students will be able to identify organizations that offer labels. The students will be able to name consumer protection organizations. 3. 3. the students reflect and evaluate their own consumer behavior. In the detailed data section of the DVD 66 pages of teaching and accompanying material, including: 20 pages of worksheets and supplements with solutions 10 test exercises 10 interactive tasks

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Daumen Auszeichnung
Daumen Auszeichnung