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Daumen Auszeichnung

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Riparian Forest

Biotope on the Water

A large area of Europe is covered by woodland. In Germany alone, the number of trees is estimated at about 90 billion at present. That means, in Germany there are more than 1,000 trees per inhabitant. But the forests and trees are not all the same. There are, for example, deciduous forests and coniferous forests, which are distinguished according to the tree species that grow there or were planted there by humans. Also the type and use of the forest for humans vary. In the Alpine regions there is a protective forest that shields people from avalanches or landslides. There are parks and forests that serve, above all, recreational purposes in people’s leisure time. And there are forests where trees are planted that grow particularly fast so that their wood can be used after only a few years when the trees are cut down. Besides all these types of forests, the riparian forest is another particular form of woodland. It comes close to our idea of a primeval forest because it grows wild and uncontrolled. And, like in a real jungle, there are often no paths through this forest and if you walk through it nevertheless, your feet get wet very quickly most of the time. Because there is always water in a riparian forest.

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Daumen Auszeichnung
Daumen Auszeichnung