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Daumen Auszeichnung

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Magical World of Snow

Fascinating Insights

With descriptive real and trick sequences, the film explains how snow forms and what different kinds of snow crystals there are. We observe a snow researcher at work and watch growing snow crystals under a microscope in spectacular close-ups. The film also answers the questions why snow looks white to us or crunches; it shows sledge dogs in action and explains ingenious survival strategies of animals in winter. Other clips show the joy of some winter sports but also point out their dangers. A tourist guide explains the precautionary measures to avoid a possible risk of avalanches. The topic of snow cannons is also covered in the film – like glaciers, too, or artificial snow in a slightly unusual use. Comprehensive, interdisciplinary accompanying material consolidates and deepens the knowledge of the subject.

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Daumen Auszeichnung
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Daumen Auszeichnung