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Learning unit Biology 5-8


The medium contains 12 interactive H5P modules with two integrated videos and extensive image material for an exciting lesson. The moth family and in particular the subfamily of the processionary moth and the silk moth are presented. The oak processionary moth as a pest and the health risks it poses are described in detail. The topic of mimicry is also briefly explained in this context. Interactive tasks round off the learning unit. The 12 modules are offered in offline format and can be downloaded and used on all standard end devices without the Internet. Translated with (free version)

  • <> Languages: DE
  • <>Target Groups: Sek I
  • <> Subject: Biology
  • <> Tasks: 12


Included Tasks

  1. Spinner (Schmetterlinge) - Interaktive Wissensvermittlung
  2. Prozessionsspinner - Interaktive Wissensvermittlung
  3. Eichenprozessionsspinner - Interaktive Wissensvermittlung
  4. Eichen-Prozessionsspinner - Bildergalerie
  5. Mimese - Interaktive Wissensvermittlung
  6. Natürliche Feinde der Spinner - Interaktive Wissensvermittlung
  7. Schäden und Gefahren für die Gesundheit und Gegenmaßnahmen
  8. Seidenspinner - Wissensvermittlung mit Video und Aufgaben
  9. Lebenszyklus Prozessionsspinner - Interaktive Aufgabe
  10. Prozessionsspinner - Interaktive Aufgaben
  11. Spinner - Interaktiver Lückentext
  12. Spinner - Glossar