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Structure and Function

To begin with, we distinguish between so-called “real“ and “fake” joints. Unlike “real” joints, which are separated from each other by a joint space, “fake“ joints form an immovable connection between bones and are therefore called synarthroses. Synarthroses have limited mobility. Their purpose is to hold the bones firmly together thus stabilising our skeletons. Synarthrosis joints can be bony, fibrous or cartilaginous. Depending on the type of connecting material, they are referred to as synostoses, synchondroses or syndesmoses. Among the syndesmotic joints, where two bones are connected by elastic or tout connective tissue, are the ligaments supporting the vertebral column. The rib cartilage, connecting ribs and sternum, as well as the intervertebral discs belong to the cartilaginous joints. With the synostotic joints, the connection of the individual bones consists of bone mass. Among them are cranial bones after ossification of the sutures as well as the sacrum with the superior articular processes, the sacral lamina, the lateral part and the sacral apex.

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