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Daumen Auszeichnung

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Bananas can be bought at any supermarket today. We eat them raw or make them into cakes, shakes and ice-cream. But where do bananas come from? How have they got to the supermarket? On plantations in Costa Rica bananas are cultivated in an elaborate process. It is most important that bananas always have enough heat, sun and water. When the bananas are harvested, the workers carefully cut them off with machetes and take them to the packaging station. From there they are transported to the container ships by lorry. In the process the fruits undergo constant quality control. Storage temperature is important as well. After about three weeks the bananas are ready for sale at our supermarkets. The film illustrates the development of the banana from planting to harvest and the subsequent transport until they are finally sold at our supermarkets. Why does the banana not rot on the journey? Why is the banana bent? These and more questions are vividly answered. With the extensive accompanying material the didactic DVD is perfectly suited for use in the classroom

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Daumen Auszeichnung
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Daumen Auszeichnung